Thursday, October 26
The Rings
As per popular request, here are the rings. Yes, we're both wearing rings; we're both engaged after all.

The rings are gold (yellow and white). As you can see, Jen's has a small accent diamond. Since we're both wearing rings now, that will also be our wedding rings, we decided that we had to change them somehow on the day of the wedding. On the day of the wedding we will both remove our rings and flip them over so that the yellow gold band is on the top (which is how they were designed).

We had these rings custom designed. The white gold portion was a ring by itself (the mold was taken from a piece of slate) and there was a ring in the display case that had both the yellow and white gold bands bonded together. After some consultation with David Rice we decided on the combination of these two styles. That led to the rings that you see in these pictures.

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