Saturday, January 20
Our wedding and the liturgical year
Inspired by Kathleen Norris' The Cloister Walk, I wanted to find out if the date of our wedding had any significance in the Christian tradition. And so, with the help of Catholic Culture I found out that it is the feast of St. Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury in 1162. He was a vigorous defender of the church and a "shepherd of souls," which got him exiled to France and eventually martyred.

The 29th is also the proper "5th day of Christmas." I discovered this when I started attending an Anglican church, and learned that the days leading up to Christmas are the season of Advent, whereas the days following the 25th are the days of Christmas. So according to the little song, on our wedding day we shall give to one another 5 golden rings. I think I'd rather have 10 Lords a Leapin', but I won't say no to the rings. Let's hope Mark gets a good job!


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Wednesday, January 17
Pictures of Us
Although we don't have our official pictures yet, some people have started posting pictures of us online. Here are a few links to places where pictures of us can be found.

Achtung Baby (Angela's Blog)
Photo's Courtesy of Grandpa King

Check back for more as more pop up online.


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Sunday, January 7
from this day forward...
So, we're married! Thanks to all who were there; for your presence, your support, and your moves on the dance floor. The 29th was a memorable night indeed . . . keep checking in for pictures!

-Mark and Jen


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