Thursday, November 22
Day of Thanks, Part Deux
Here's a secret. We only moved to the US so that we could have two Thanksgivings. (The PhD is a good cover though, don't you think?) Today was the Yankee version of the fall holiday we know and love in Canada, only over a month late and with most of the leaves already gone. It's a huge deal down here. People at stores will wish you "happy holidays!" as if it's Christmas, and they even have huge boxing-day-esque sales on tomorrow. It's quite crazy, really.

Since many of our friends were gone home (you guessed it, "for the holidays"), and we had celebrated with them the previous weekend, Mark and I were left to our own devices. These devices turned out to be pretty scrumptious, if we do say so ourselves. And keeping with the recurring theme of this blog, food was a central part of our day. So we welcome you to a virtual tour of our "let's stay inside all day and cook tasty things from 9 am until 11." Or our very first attempt, both as singles and as a couple, at making a bona-fide Thanksgiving Dinner, complete with cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie:

Drinking an eggnog latte before the prep starts

Mark doin the funky turkey (with the turkey)

Moi, gloating (it worked it worked it worked!)

We tried a "grown-up" cranberry sauce
with rosemary, port, and balsamic vinegar. It was extraordinary!

Mark carving the bird

The final spread

Rejoicing in the successful pumpkin pie (under the foil). A surprise substitution yielded a new "secret ingredient" I will use forevermore.
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At 6:59 PM, Blogger Don

mmmm, good! How I would have loved to taste your beautiful dinner! Looks like it was fun!


At 6:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

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