Sunday, August 26
Wine tasting in the Finger Lakes

Mark and I joined a wine appreciation group! Our first outing was a tour around one of the Finger Lakes, an absolutely gorgeous, pastoral area of NY State. We visited 6 wineries, tasting at each until the wine / heat combination made us very very sleepy.

Our companions were a diverse group of Syracuse-area oenophiles; a fun retired couple, an SU employee, a local winemaker, and a young, active couple. This last couple we soon discovered we'd already met. In the middle of the tour, the woman says to me suddenly, "are you a runner?" I reply in the affirmative. "We've seen you out running, back in the spring I commented on your tattoo as you passed us!" Sure enough, we remembered them. She had seen my tattoo and put the two together.

Besides enjoying wine, we also got treated to some amazing food. Impala pate from South Africa, rosemary walnuts, a great assortment of cheeses and crakers, and prosciutto-wrapped melon. Not to mention the awesome server at the first winery who ran off to get us some dark chocolate to try with our port!

Upon returning to Syracuse, we joined the philosophy gang for a free BBQ at the Grad Student bar, and then headed downtown to Clarke's pub. It's been a very social few days, so today we're recovering. . . if you call a sub-10min/mile 6.4 mile run a recovery! (That one's for you, Dad!)

Needless to say, there won't be any wine involved in our festivities tonight. (Unless we go to the Eucharist service at St. Paul's.) Over and out!

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At 7:11 PM, Blogger Michelle

Hey Jen! What a great blog --I just came across it a few minutes ago. Looks like you guys are enjoying NY! I love the wedding pictures -- your dress is SO beautiful and perfect on you!

That's funny that you were recognized by your tattoo when out for a run...what do you have? I love tattoos but I'd rather admire them on other people. I'm so non-committal! LOL! Take care!


At 11:56 PM, Blogger Matt Ward

this has nothing to do with this post or anything...

I remember when you(mark) were all upset when you got your haircut all short. It seems that it has grown on you though.
p.s. - it looks better short than long.