Friday, August 24
Salt City redux
We often feel like we're hard to keep track of. Winnipeg, Syracuse, India, Winnipeg, Syracuse. Often we feel like its hard to keep track of ourselves! It's like when you were young (or maybe this still happens to some of you) and at a sleepover at a friend's house. You'd wake up in the morning and there would be a period of disorientation. There would be a pocket of time where you were truly nowhere, completely immersed in the moment and unaware of your surroundings. I think I'm getting the hang of it, but sometimes I have to remind myself where I am with the good old mental atlas. Many people asked us over the summer, "So, after Syracuse then what?" Sometimes I'd like to know too, but more often, I'm happy to offer a simple shrug and a sparkle in the eye.

This fall's inhumanely long drive was shouldered almost entirely by Mark, while I (Jen) nodded off into various unpredictable bouts of boredom-induced napping. The few times I did drive were short and sweet, but somehow long enough for me to get to experience getting side-swiped by a car on the freeway, knocking off our driver's side mirror. (We're ok, but it's not a fun experience.)

This time around, we broke up our trip a little. We had ambitious plans for a day of trail riding in Wisconsin, but were thoroughly rained every state from Wisconsin to New York, actually. As disappointed as we were, it enabled us to get to Goshen a little earlier, and into the cookie-bearing arms of Anna-Ruth. She was a warm host, and we're pretty sure we'll be calling her for a second date. ; )

It's been a nice, easy transition back to Salt City: We scored a replacement espresso machine from Williams and Sonoma (Reason #2 to like Syracuse)*, and are now nose-high in good crema once again. We also stocked up on groceries at Wegmans (Reason #3), with a few liquid contributions from Liquor City (Reason #4). We had a great Mexican lunch today with Paul and Melissa (Reason #5), at the Mission Restaurant (Reason #6). Even the city streets welcomed us back, throwing us into our running schedule with 4.5 miles of sweaty, calf-busting hills (Reason #7).

To Winnipeg we bid a temporary and bittersweet farewell. And to Syracuse, (possibly the most humid, rainy city I've ever lived in but yet with it's own charms) we say a warm hello.

*for Reason #1, visit Jen here.

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